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29 June 2009


I have been neglecting a lot lately to cultivate my ideas for this book. I did not hit my goal target this weekend, didn't even write. I was so worn down from the issues with my job last week and the creative process that I just needed to unwind. Friday night I went to see a movie, Transformers 2...Saturday I spent the first half of the day next to the pool with my friend Tina and some other people, the second half was spent unwinding at a family member's house, we cooked out and talked...Yesterday I worked for a few hours and relaxed, did a couple of loads of laundry, went grocery shopping, watched tv.

Today I'm back to it. I'm working (well not at the moment) and have my notepad next to me to jot down notes related to my book. Last week I changed every characters name...very exhilarating feeling as I was very unhappy with the lack of connection to the names and now it's all better. Still a little scared of attempting to write some of the things I know will be coming but am hopeful it's not as hard as I think it could be...grateful to have a friend who has gone through it and has given me input.

Today I've been in my job field for 5 years...typed my first report 5 years ago today. Is it wrong to hope that I won't be able to say 6 years? That next year I can say 'my first novel is being published'...I think if I can finish I can be published...


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